Athletic Performance Enhancement Program

An athlete with inefficient movement patterns can be related to a sports car with poor brakes and bad steering

If there is a weak link somewhere in the movement, the athlete will have to make costly, time consuming compensations to counteract the improper movement which is similar to a car that can go fast but has little ability to slow down and change direction without over compensating (inefficient movement), thus causing damage to the car. Before we start any athlete on a conditioning program, we'll perform a movement assessment, along with using Muscle Activation Techniques, to view their ability to move efficiently. With the information gathered from the assessment process, we can then put together a program that best suits the athletes' needs, abilities and goals.

Our program is set up similar to our personal training program but uses more advanced modalities to achieve fitness levels to match the demand of their sport. We will progress the client through different stages of performance training, which include different forms of flexibility training, core training, progressive balance training, power training and strength training all relating to their specific sport. Fitness Werks techniques are progressive, using an overload principle to constantly challenge the individual. Anyone can train to improve his or her ability to perform at a higher level.

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