A body “problem” leads to a healthy “solution”

In this video I talk about how, as a trainer and MAT practitioner, I can’t help my clients if I am seeing where they are, what they are experiencing or what they are doing as problems. Doing so puts me at the same level of the problem and I can’t offer any solutions if I am invested or focused on the problem myself. Even if I did offer some solutions they would be more in the guise of trying to fix a problem, which perpetuates the problem, rather than guiding toward an end-result solution. It is important to take this same approach when trying to help yourself change your body or health. It also helps to understand that the “problem” is a problem because it is an important subject to you. Problems actually help us to get clarity about things in our life. Clarity is a good thing. So is purpose. When you know what you don’t like you often get clarity about what you would prefer. When you shift your focus from the problem to what it is you would prefer you shift to following a new purpose…a positive purpose. Focus more on what your problem has helped determine you prefer than the problem itself and you will get where you want to go much faster!

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