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At Fitness Werks we pride ourselves on being on the cutting-edge of the fitness industry. We look at the body and extrapolating success from it with a “wholistic” and organic perspective. We see the body as a whole unit working together and to understand the best route to get someone where they want to go we often need to know how someone ended up where they are when they walk in our door. The more information we can gather from your body the more we can troubleshoot the things that might have held you back in the past or restrict how much progress we can make in the future.

Being “wholistic,” we try to look beyond just “calories-in, calories-out” and traditional strength training to help the body progress because we now understand that there are many systems that affect the way the body functions, moves and looks. This is why we look at your nervous systems’ tolerance to mechanical/physical stress (using the Muscle Activation Techniques)–so we know how much stress is enough to keep exercise a good stress and not turn it into a distress. This is also why we look at how your body/chemical system responds to various foods–so we can guide you to making choices that meet your body’s unique chemical make-up, thus reducing the chemical stress of your body. And, lastly, this is why we look into thinking and emotional stress–so we can make sure your thoughts and stress are not working against your physical efforts by causing conflicting programming in the brain and body.

Because many of the tools we use to help our clients succeed are beyond the traiditional, main-stream, cookie-cutter training methods most people are unfamiliar with everything we do. With that, we created this Blog to help educate our current clients as well as our potential clients on the latest science and cutting edge tools that we have available.

We intend to bring you articles, insights, videos and even answer questions. So if you have something you would like for us to discuss, please send an email to neil@fitness-werks.com or make comment here and we will work on answering your query.

As for the author of the articles, Neil Hansen–owner and president of Fitness Werks–is the main contributor but each trainer at Fitness Werks will offer their own ruminations from time to time. Those articles will be noted as written by them. As for Neil, he is currently a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) specialist having been certified since 2004. He spends most of his treatments dealing with foot biomechanics as he is now of the few local MAT practitioners who has attended 6 or more Advanced Foot Function Master classes taught by MAT developer Greg Roskopf. On top of being MAT certified, Neil also has completed the basic test for Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) along with having attended all the mastery courses offered by RTS. RTS is the study of movement and forces that affect our bodies inside and outside of the gym.In 2006 Neil became a Coach Training Alliance (CTA) certified life coach where he helps people reprogram their thoughts surrounding their body and health so they can move toward what they truly desire from their health and wellness. Since becoming CTA certified Neil has published one book, The Thought Diet, and written another all the while creating the fitness industry’s first-ever automated self-coaching website for weight loss–www.totalmindfit.com.

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