Do your actions match your focus?

In my recent posts I’ve talked about how our dominant focus leads us to making our dominant choices in action when it comes to changing our body. For example, if you think about the fat you want to get rid of (lose weight) you are programming your body to want to be fat by virtue of the fact you are focused on the very thing you want to eliminate—the image you hold in your mind is one of the body you don’t want. Eating unhealthy, being lazy, and making excuses not to exercise are all perfect activities for someone who is following a program to keep or gain weight. Exercise and eating healthy is perfect for someone who is thinking about being lean and healthy. Trying to exercise while thinking about being fat causes a conflict of programming and battle that is only won by the programming that dominates—meaning, if you exercise more than you think fat than you might make some changes. However, those changes won’t last because your focus will usually remain on trying to keep the fat off rather than trying to maintain a healthy and lean body. The dominant programming will always win out! See the photos below and match the top two pictures of a woman’s body with the pictures of actions below that you think fit the body.



You probably matched the picture of the woman on the top left (a few extra pounds) with the woman on the bottom left (sitting on couch eating chocolate) and the woman on the top right with the bottom right. Well, this is how our subconscious brain works too. If your dominant focus is of trying to get rid of the fat you don’t want, you are ultimate going to be leading yourself to take actions that fit that image. Putting the picture of someone doing exercise with someone who is out of shape does not match. You may think this is something a person who wants to lose weight should do but that’s not enough to affect the subconscious programming of being fat. In order to be successful at changing your body you must have some idea where you would end up if you were successful and let that be your focus and your guide. What does a lean and healthy person think and do? Mentally become the person you want to be before you get there and the actions you need to take to get there will be the next logical step rather than being something you need to force yourself to do.

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