Don’t kill the body fat messenger

In this video I revisit the idea that things like body fat, pain and even illness can be indicators of emotional stresses we have not dealt with. Our emotional indicators serve us well. Much like pain indicators that help get our attention so we can deal with injury, emotional indicators aim to gain our attention about perspectives or points of focus that are steering us in unproductive and undesirable directions. Since most people learn that the outside world is responsible for how they feel (“that driver cutting me off MADE me mad” or “my body looking the way it does MAKES me insecure”), they often don’t head the message coming from the negative feeling. If you don’t listen to the indicator, the indicator will get bigger and usually show up in a place where you will take notice–like in your body (since we are so physically focused). Your extra ten pounds or your achy back just might be indications of your resistance to something else in your life–something you have not dealt with. So, don’t kill the messenger–figure out what this “problem” is indicating and deal with that problem by making peace with it (and allow yourself to see the solution that was born because of your observation of the problem). By eliminating the problem you eliminate the need for the indicator (body fat, pain, illness). Not only will you start to allow the changes you want from your body but you will have the benefit of having closed the gap (from problem to solution/desire) on another problem in your life.

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