Exercise and diet should match how you feel about yourself

In this video I talk about how exercising and eating well are reflections of someone who cares about themself–not just what they look like but how they feel about who they are. In fact, the activities (or lack thereof) that got you into your current body predicament are more than likely perfect reflections of the way you have been treating yourself mentally and emotionally. Someone who beats themself up, feels inadequate or not good enough resonates with being lazy, eating unhealthy and things that got your body looking and feeling negative. Exercising and eating nourishing foods are things someone who cares for themself does. This is why when someone tries to take actions of exercise and eating well while they feel bad about themself often fail to either make significant changes or the changes they do make don’t stick for long. Be the person you want to be first then take actions that resonate with that person.

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