How beliefs perpetuate your bodily conditions

In this video I discuss how thoughts become beliefs and, if left unattended, beliefs eventually become truths, which then influence our life’s experiences. Consider that negative emotions serve as a guide to help us tend to the thoughts (and focus) that might be working against us. When we think about our body (or any other subject) in a negative or limited way we feel negative emotion so we would take notice of the direction of our thoughts. I like to think of negative emotion as our B.S. indicator! It’s trying to warn us that we have a belief that has information that has been distorted, deleted or generalized. If left unattended, in your effort to feel a little bit better, that belief will eventually have to be proven true. Proving your limited belief to be true allows you to justify your false or limited perspective and potentially blame someone or something else. With that, it’s not a far leap to consider that your current body experience is a perfect match to some limited belief you have about your body and health. Consider you are exactly where you are supposed to be….or better said, you are exactly where you have led yourself (unconsciously)!

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