How to feel better about your body so you can allow it to change

In this video I talk about a recent session I had with a client where I helped her create a broader perspective relative to a negative interaction she had with her partner. Being able to see that how he was behaving came from a strategy, most likely put in place at an early age, to protect his self and feel better she was able to understand that his anger was just him reaching, once again, to feel better from a place of feeling powerless (not attacking her to intentionally make her feel bad). With that thought, understand that the way you currently feel about your body could be a step up from a much worse place (possibly a strategy you came up with at an early age) and that you can continue that progression by reaching for better emotional places. Each incremental step toward a better emotion puts your body in a better chemical and energetic environment as well as helping your brain to align with better strategies, all of which will help you to allow change with your body and health to happen with less effort.

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