If you don’t believe you can change your body, you won’t!

In this video I talk about how if you lack the belief that you can get to your goal in the time you wish then you won’t get there. If you ask yourself why you lack belief you will see that you have a story surrounding a limiting belief. This belief was more than likely picked up from an unreliable source–whether it was yourself or someone else, it was someone who didn’t fully understand the implications of one’s thoughts and emotions on the body and subconscious mind. I offer some questions to ask yourself about where those beliefs came from to challenge their validity as well as another strategy to help you find success in other places. The more you believe you can achieve your goal the better state your body will be in–energetically, emotionally and chemically–thus, allowing for more effortless change. When you lose the resistance with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, you will lose the resistance to change!

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