It’s your CHOICE to stay lose weight or stay where you are

In this video I talk about how if you are like most people you are constantly looking at where your body is (or isn’t). Even if you know where you want to go you are more than likely comparing any weight loss results to your current condition. The problem is, if you continue to give attention (especially with emotion) to where you are, you will continue to put that into your creative process. When you want to change your body because you don’t want to be where you are you are deciding between where you are and somewhere else (in the hopes that the “something else” will be better), which means you will always be comparing where you want to go with where you are. When you do that, you haven’t let go of where you are, which means you don’t own it and you can’t get rid of something you don’t own (or accept as part of you or your experience). When you choose (accept) your current body condition you are, in essence, owning it, thus it is your to leave behind. Choosing where you are gives you power to let it go and move freely toward what you desire (which was born out of the original observation of body you dind’t approve of). Accept where you are, know what you want and don’t look back at where you are coming from.

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