Making peace with your current body condition

In this video I, once again, talk about how important it is to make peace with your current body situation so you stop giving life and energy to the problem. I also provide some simple questions that are aimed at challenging the story that is causing your negative emotion in hopes that you can make peace with the problem and leave it behind. These questions are based on the idea that your body is not causing your negative emotion, but rather, it is your interpretation of your body that has you feeling bad. Feeling negative emotion is supposed to get your attention so you can identify when it is time to shift your focus–it’s just that most of us weren’t taught how to challenge our BS stories. Negative emotions also helps us to identify things that important to us and show us two points of relativity–that is, the problem and the solution. The question is, are you going to keep your focus on the problem or shift your attention to the solution that was born out having had the problem in the first place?

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