What is your body fat trying to tell you?

In this video I talk about how easy it is for most people to beat themselves up for not being where they would like with their body. But rather than beating yourself up for eating the “wrong” foods or not having enough will power or whatever you have attributed to your current condition, it might be helpful to see your body fat (or pain) as a progression of indicators relative to the stress in your life (not to mention, the choices you make a reflection of those stresses–survival comes first). Most people don’t deal with their negative emotions in a productive way (often ignoring them or taking outside action to feel better momentarily) and that usually leads to missing the helpful aspect of negative emotion–that being an indication that your current perspective is holding you back from reaching/achieving the things that are important to you. And so when you don’t listen those internal indicators you get a slightly bigger indicator that shows up where you might take notice…that is, in your physical experience (like in your body). So if you can step back and see that your body is a reflection of the stresses that you have not tended to or resolved–much like pain is trying to tell you something is wrong–then there’s a chance you can be a bit easier about your current body condition. When you go easy on yourself (along with effectively dealing with your stresses) you will be amazed at how much easier your body changes to something you love and appreciate.

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Why a goal of losing weight doesn’t work

In this video I talk about how most people, when setting goals, are more clear on what they don’t want than what they do want and how that causes “the problem” (their weight, pain or health) to perpetuate. For example, a goal of losing weight is more a focus on what you want to get rid of. This type of focus causes your brain to create imagery around the very thing you don’t want. In fact, in order for you to know if you have made any progress you have to think about the weight you didn’t want, which causes your brain to continue to look for the weight you didn’t want. Even if you were to have some positive changes, you would more than likely miss those changes because they were not picked up by your conscious mind since it was wired to look for more of the problem. In the video I provide a simple little exercise to help get to a more positive end-result goal. If you don’t know where you are going you may always end up right back where you started!!

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Taking Responsibility for Your Body and Health

In this video I talk about how important it is, in order to see success, to take responsibility for your current body and health situation. What I love about the word “responsibility” is that it breaks down to “response” and “ability,” which means the ability to respond. Responding is very different from reacting. If you break down “reacting” you get “re” and “acting,” which means you are acting again—acting the same way you did in the past to a negative situation. Responding is taking into consideration the broader perspective about what is really happening and acting powerfully with action—regardless of whether that action is more mental or physical action. Reacting is simply letting the outside world affect how you feel (“my body makes me feel insecure!”). In order to change your body and health you must take 100% responsibility for where you are and how you feel. When you understand that everything is exactly where it should be relative to the thoughts, feelings, and actions that you’ve experienced in the past (hour, year, decade) you should see that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Knowing this gives you the ability to respond with power rather than reacting to the body you have now and taking drastic action to change what you don’t like so you can feel better (thinking the outside world causes you to feel the way you do—reacting). When to have the ability to respond to your current situation you can incrementally move yourself to better places. And each better place provides more power to change. The better you feel, the easier change happens!

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How to feel better about your body so you can allow it to change

In this video I talk about a recent session I had with a client where I helped her create a broader perspective relative to a negative interaction she had with her partner. Being able to see that how he was behaving came from a strategy, most likely put in place at an early age, to protect his self and feel better she was able to understand that his anger was just him reaching, once again, to feel better from a place of feeling powerless (not attacking her to intentionally make her feel bad). With that thought, understand that the way you currently feel about your body could be a step up from a much worse place (possibly a strategy you came up with at an early age) and that you can continue that progression by reaching for better emotional places. Each incremental step toward a better emotion puts your body in a better chemical and energetic environment as well as helping your brain to align with better strategies, all of which will help you to allow change with your body and health to happen with less effort.

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Your body is exactly where it should be

In this post I talk about how your body is exactly where it should be…based on one of two things. Either it is a reflection of stresses in your daily life that you haven’t dealt with or it because of your focus on trying to get rid of your body problem (weight, pain, etc.). Emotions serve us well in that they help us determine which direction we are heading–meaning, if you feel negative emotion it means you are focused in a limited, unproductive way and that negative feeling is supposed to feel bad so you do something about it. Ignore that indicator and the indicator can get bigger and usually shows up where you will take notice…like in your body. The issue with trying to get rid of your body problem is that your brain continues to look for matches (which influences your choices) to what you dominantly focus on. In order for you to notice your problem is gone (body fat, pain) you have to think about it first, which just causes you to align more with the problem. If you can see that your body is just an indicator of your focus, whether it is relative to your body or other subjects in your life, then you start to use that as feedback, rather than beating yourself up for not being somewhere else.

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Why are you good at transforming your body?

In this video I present a coaching question that is designed to evoke some powerful internal processing. This very simple question was presented to me not long ago when I had a hiccup relative to one of my businesses and caused me to unlock some hidden resources that helped me rocket right through the issue! This question turns you from thinking about the problem and causes you to look within yourself as to why you are powerful already relative to your body and health (or whatever your “problem” may be). The more you can find evidence of things that are working already (just by the fact that you are still alive and kicking is at least one sign you are successful) and by teaching your mind to look for the things you want to see, the more successful you will be at ALLOWING change to happen (as opposed to FORCING it to happen).

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Don’t kill the body fat messenger

In this video I revisit the idea that things like body fat, pain and even illness can be indicators of emotional stresses we have not dealt with. Our emotional indicators serve us well. Much like pain indicators that help get our attention so we can deal with injury, emotional indicators aim to gain our attention about perspectives or points of focus that are steering us in unproductive and undesirable directions. Since most people learn that the outside world is responsible for how they feel (“that driver cutting me off MADE me mad” or “my body looking the way it does MAKES me insecure”), they often don’t head the message coming from the negative feeling. If you don’t listen to the indicator, the indicator will get bigger and usually show up in a place where you will take notice–like in your body (since we are so physically focused). Your extra ten pounds or your achy back just might be indications of your resistance to something else in your life–something you have not dealt with. So, don’t kill the messenger–figure out what this “problem” is indicating and deal with that problem by making peace with it (and allow yourself to see the solution that was born because of your observation of the problem). By eliminating the problem you eliminate the need for the indicator (body fat, pain, illness). Not only will you start to allow the changes you want from your body but you will have the benefit of having closed the gap (from problem to solution/desire) on another problem in your life.

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Choosing your current body condition (revisited)

I did a post on this about 6 months ago and thought it was worth revisiting because of the power of choice. In this video I talk about how important it is to choose your current body situation. Doing so allows you to accept where you are rather than resist it. When you accept where you are you have the power to choose something else. To conitnue to want something else because you don’t want to be where you are only causes you to perpetuate your current reality. You are where you are–don’t make it wrong. It’s exactly where you should be. You made choices along the way (that contributed to your current state) that were the best you could do from where you stood. Now choose where you are so you can freely choose the next chapter, which is a healthy, happy and lean version of yourself.

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A body “problem” leads to a healthy “solution”

In this video I talk about how, as a trainer and MAT practitioner, I can’t help my clients if I am seeing where they are, what they are experiencing or what they are doing as problems. Doing so puts me at the same level of the problem and I can’t offer any solutions if I am invested or focused on the problem myself. Even if I did offer some solutions they would be more in the guise of trying to fix a problem, which perpetuates the problem, rather than guiding toward an end-result solution. It is important to take this same approach when trying to help yourself change your body or health. It also helps to understand that the “problem” is a problem because it is an important subject to you. Problems actually help us to get clarity about things in our life. Clarity is a good thing. So is purpose. When you know what you don’t like you often get clarity about what you would prefer. When you shift your focus from the problem to what it is you would prefer you shift to following a new purpose…a positive purpose. Focus more on what your problem has helped determine you prefer than the problem itself and you will get where you want to go much faster!

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What is it that you GET TO DO for your body or health?

In this video I talk about how often people start an exercise and diet program with the a list of things they NEED to do in order to change their body. Their is a big difference between NEEDING to do something and WANTING to do something. NEEDING suggests that they are going to take the lesser of two evils (the bigger being the body or health they don’t want any more)–meaning, they are willing to do something they don’t want in order to get rid of something worse . When you can change the perspective to doing actions that you WANT to do, or even better, GET TO DO, then your success at sticking to those actions are much, much greater because you will be doing something that enriches your life (the solution) rather than doing something to get away from your problem. Know what you want, why you want it and choose actions that you GET TO DO and you will be successful.

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