Taking Responsibility for Your Body and Health

In this video I talk about how important it is, in order to see success, to take responsibility for your current body and health situation. What I love about the word “responsibility” is that it breaks down to “response” and “ability,” which means the ability to respond. Responding is very different from reacting. If you break down “reacting” you get “re” and “acting,” which means you are acting again—acting the same way you did in the past to a negative situation. Responding is taking into consideration the broader perspective about what is really happening and acting powerfully with action—regardless of whether that action is more mental or physical action. Reacting is simply letting the outside world affect how you feel (“my body makes me feel insecure!”). In order to change your body and health you must take 100% responsibility for where you are and how you feel. When you understand that everything is exactly where it should be relative to the thoughts, feelings, and actions that you’ve experienced in the past (hour, year, decade) you should see that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Knowing this gives you the ability to respond with power rather than reacting to the body you have now and taking drastic action to change what you don’t like so you can feel better (thinking the outside world causes you to feel the way you do—reacting). When to have the ability to respond to your current situation you can incrementally move yourself to better places. And each better place provides more power to change. The better you feel, the easier change happens!

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