Tending to your weight loss action

In this video I talk about how important it is to be inspired by the actions you take to get to your weight loss goals as doing anything you don’t like will work against you. By writing a list of everything you think you need to do to get to your goal (exercise, diet, hydration, habits, sleep and meditation/visualization) you can go through each item and determine whether you are really inspired to take that action or not. If not, you need to eliminate that action, find another equally effective action that you like or become inspired by that action. One way to change how you feel about the action is to make a list of the benefits and results those actions would provide. By doing this you can see more of the positive end results this actions would produce and that might help you to get excited about the action. If not, you at least have a template that would allow you to find a more inspiring action that has similar benefits and results. Don’t waste your time and effort doing something you aren’t inspired to do! It’s just not worth it!

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