What is it that you GET TO DO for your body or health?

In this video I talk about how often people start an exercise and diet program with the a list of things they NEED to do in order to change their body. Their is a big difference between NEEDING to do something and WANTING to do something. NEEDING suggests that they are going to take the lesser of two evils (the bigger being the body or health they don’t want any more)–meaning, they are willing to do something they don’t want in order to get rid of something worse¬†. When you can change the perspective to doing actions that you WANT to do, or even better, GET TO DO, then your success at sticking to those actions are much, much greater because you will be doing something that enriches your life (the solution) rather than doing something to get away from your problem. Know what you want, why you want it and choose actions that you GET TO DO and you will be successful.

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