What is your body fat trying to tell you?

In this video I talk about how easy it is for most people to beat themselves up for not being where they would like with their body. But rather than beating yourself up for eating the “wrong” foods or not having enough will power or whatever you have attributed to your current condition, it might be helpful to see your body fat (or pain) as a progression of indicators relative to the stress in your life (not to mention, the choices you make a reflection of those stresses–survival comes first). Most people don’t deal with their negative emotions in a productive way (often ignoring them or taking outside action to feel better momentarily) and that usually leads to missing the helpful aspect of negative emotion–that being an indication that your current perspective is holding you back from reaching/achieving the things that are important to you. And so when you don’t listen those internal indicators you get a slightly bigger indicator that shows up where you might take notice…that is, in your physical experience (like in your body). So if you can step back and see that your body is a reflection of the stresses that you have not tended to or resolved–much like pain is trying to tell you something is wrong–then there’s a chance you can be a bit easier about your current body condition. When you go easy on yourself (along with effectively dealing with your stresses) you will be amazed at how much easier your body changes to something you love and appreciate.

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