Why a goal of losing weight doesn’t work

In this video I talk about how most people, when setting goals, are more clear on what they don’t want than what they do want and how that causes “the problem” (their weight, pain or health) to perpetuate. For example, a goal of losing weight is more a focus on what you want to get rid of. This type of focus causes your brain to create imagery around the very thing you don’t want. In fact, in order for you to know if you have made any progress you have to think about the weight you didn’t want, which causes your brain to continue to look for the weight you didn’t want. Even if you were to have some positive changes, you would more than likely miss those changes because they were not picked up by your conscious mind since it was wired to look for more of the problem. In the video I provide a simple little exercise to help get to a more positive end-result goal. If you don’t know where you are going you may always end up right back where you started!!

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