Why “losing weight” doesn’t work!

In this video I talk about how having a goal of trying to lose weight or get rid of pain is riddled with failure. The reason for this is that in order for you to know you are losing weight (or no longer in pain) you have to constantly check to see if the very thing you want to eliminate (weight/pain) is still there. Doing this causes your brain to have to resonate with the problem, thus causing you to reactivate and reinforce the chemical processes and neural pathways that accompany the problem. Since your brain doesn’t distinguish between what it is remembering or experiencing in real-time, thinking about the problem causes it to be a reinforced experience. What I ask my clients, whether it is a weight related goal or a pain related goal, is where they would be if they “lost 15 pounds” or what would it feel like “if there back didn’t hurt?” Most people can’t answer this initially. That’s because they have never given any attention to where they want to go–only on where they don’t want to be, which explains why they have failed so many times in the past. Consider the differences in what you see in your head when you think of losing fifteen pounds compared to being a lean and firm you (or wherever you would be if those fifteen pounds were gone). You create largely in pictures. Add in the language and emotion and you have a powerful creative device. The question is, which picture is stronger and supported by powerful emotion and language (negative or positive)? The stronger one will always win!!

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