Why motivation to change your body may not be enough

In this video I discuss the difference between motivation and inspiration and why motivation isn’t enough for long term change. The difference between being motivated and inspired is relative to which direction one is focused–one is focused on trying to fix or get rid of a problem (motivation) and the other is moving toward what you desire (inspiration). Most people, when trying to lose weight, change their body or health in some way, are usually motivated to change, which means they know exactly what they don’t want and will take massive action to change the thing they don’t want so they can feel better (that comes from the limited perspective that their body situation is responsible for how they feel). They have motive to justify extreme action. However, it is my goal to help them become inspired to get to their goal–and that is by knowing exactly what they want (instead of what they want to get rid of) and why they want it (the emotional payoff). When one is focused on where they want to go and have connected that goal with a core value the actions that would reap benefit are inspired, logical next steps whereas motivated actions always take will power, force and always seems to be a battle–and that’s because the actions don’t match the focus. Look for where you want to go and take actions that match that rather than trying to take actions to change where you are!

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