Why New Year Weight Loss Resolutions fail 90% of the time.

In this video I once again discuss why so many people fail to reach their weight loss goals–especially New Year Resolutions! Most goals are set in order to fix a perceived problem or issue. Not a bad place to start as life does help us get specific about what we prefer and desire. However, keeping your focus on the “problem” is the problem! Change becomes very difficult whenever we have a lot of energy (language, strong images, and strong emotion) attached to something because it becomes almost “hard-wired” in your brain–at least, in your subconscious, which affects your daily decisions and drivers. The goal is to become more emotionally invested in where you want to go than where you are starting. This starts with making peace (removing negative emotion) with your current starting point. Once you are at peace with where you are you can turn your attention to where it is you want to go (being able to see what it is you want will be much more clear when you no longer have negative energy devoted to your problem). And the more positive emotional connection (combined with a clear image and powerful language) you can bring toward your new goal, the greater your chances of success will be!

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