Why visualizing the body you want may not be enough

In this video I talk about how visualizing what you want your body to look like and feel like is important but it may not be enough to get you to your body weight goal! It’s one thing to close your eyes and see what you want and even to do it with emotion but if you still have negative emotion surrounding your current bodily condition there is a chance that your current reality will “outweigh” your visualized reality. The benefit of visualizing is that it trains your brain to look for what you want to experience and feel–creating kind of like a program for your brain to follow. However, if when you are out of visualization and you notice your current condition more often and with more emotion than your visualized vision than the stronger vision will always win. One could out visualize their current reality by spending more time visualizing what they want then they see or think about their current reality but this is a tough thing to do since we take our body wherever we go. In the video I talk about a simply process that helps you identify whether your current reality or your visualized one is more present in your subconscious mind. The thing to remember here is that you can’t get away from the thing you are dominantly focused on…it’s just the way your brain is wired!!

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