Why you don’t lose weight if YOU are fat!

In this video I discuss the concept of logical levels of learning and change and how it applies to weight loss. At the highest level (note: there are higher, more spiritual levels) is our identify and at the bottom is the level of our environment. Most people who have a situation that seems to have a hard time changing is usually identifying with the problem at the level of identity but try changing things at the lower levels (behavior and environment). Making lower level changes to change your identity is a very tough road–just like trying to change your sex, your race, your height, your name or anything that you use to identify yourself in this world. Observe how many problems you have where you use the term “I am” and it won’t be an accident that you are struggling to change that! “I am fat!” “I am unhealthy!” “I am a smoker!” “I am in pain!” “I am broke!” “I am alone!”

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