Your body is exactly where it should be

In this post I talk about how your body is exactly where it should be…based on one of two things. Either it is a reflection of stresses in your daily life that you haven’t dealt with or it because of your focus on trying to get rid of your body problem (weight, pain, etc.). Emotions serve us well in that they help us determine which direction we are heading–meaning, if you feel negative emotion it means you are focused in a limited, unproductive way and that negative feeling is supposed to feel bad so you do something about it. Ignore that indicator and the indicator can get bigger and usually shows up where you will take notice…like in your body. The issue with trying to get rid of your body problem is that your brain continues to look for matches (which influences your choices) to what you dominantly focus on. In order for you to notice your problem is gone (body fat, pain) you have to think about it first, which just causes you to align more with the problem. If you can see that your body is just an indicator of your focus, whether it is relative to your body or other subjects in your life, then you start to use that as feedback, rather than beating yourself up for not being somewhere else.

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