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Imagine trying to balance your checkbook without tracking your deposits and withdrawals. Impossible, right? The same situation applies for gaining an understanding as to the base range of calories your body needs in order to manage your nutritional intake and output. Knowing how many calories, on average, your body needs to get you through the day will help you set a baseline for your caloric intake.

That's where an accurate measurement and monitoring of metabolism by the BodyGem™ calorimeter can help.

It is also very helpful to continue to get readings every few weeks or every month until you get to your desired results. As you lose weight, change your composition and become fitter, your metabolism will change as well. It takes fewer calories to move around a smaller mass unless that same mass has more lean mass than before. Adding a few pounds of muscle could very well increase your RMR. It's helpful to adjust your caloric intake as your RMR adjusts so results are more consistent.

What is the BodyGem by HealtheTech?

The BodyGem™ by HealtheTech is a handheld device that measures resting metabolic rate (RMR), the number of calories your body burns each day at rest. BodyGem™ helps wellness advisors understand their clients' unique metabolisms and develop personalized weight management programs.



How does it work exactly?

The BodyGem™ uses sensor technology to measure oxygen consumption, barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and volume of air.


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