Fitness Werks Personal Training Studio

Fitness Werks is an 1800 square-foot, private, personal training studio, which offers state-of-the-art equipment, a wide range of free weights and innovative exercise tools. Combined with an upbeat and motivating atmosphere, this bright, comfortable studio is conveniently located at 154 Burlington Avenue in Clarendon Hills with plenty of free parking adjacent to the Metra train station.

Weight Training Features

• Two Free-Motion Cable Crosses
• Nautilus Freedom Trainer [Click for Picture]
• Nautilus 4-Bar Linkage Leg Press [Click for Picture]
• Nautilus Knee Extension Machine [Click for Picture]
• Nautilus Lying Leg Curl Machine
• Nautilus Vertical Chest Press Machine [Click for Picture]
• Nautilus Lat Pulldown Machine
• Nautilus Weight Assisted Gravitron
   Pull-Up/Dip Machine [Click for Picture]
• Free weights - dumbbells, barbells and power blocks
• Squat rack
• Leg press (45 degrees)
• Nautilus Counter-balanced Smith machine
• Nautilus Adjustable pulley system for various exercises
• Three weight benches
• Variety of stability balls
• 20 medicine balls
• Balance tools - boards, foam rollers, Airex pads, dynadiscs
• Three Reebok slide boards
• Four massage tables - for MAT and Jump Start exercises

Cardio Area - 400 sq ft. area  
  • LifeFitness 9500 HR Treadmill
• Textrix Climbmax Stairmaster
• Precor Elliptical
• Cybex Arc Trainer
• Reebok Body Trec Elliptical
• Vision Fitness HRT ES3200 stationary bike
• Two Televisions with Cable TV
Other Features  
  • Calorimeter to measure RMR
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• BalanceLog nutrition software For Your Convenience
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• Changing room with shower and bathroom facilities
• Kid's room with sofa, TV, VCR and toys (unsupervised)
• Convenient location with unlimited parking right in front
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• Located adjacent the Burlington Metra station
• Weight Loss Coaching
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Fitness Werks Studio Hours  

Appointments based on availability
We will always try to work with you to accommodate your schedule

Monday-Friday: 5:30 am to 8:00 pm o Saturday: 7:00 am to Noon

Contact Fitness Werks for Fee Structures and Packages

154 Burlington Avenue • Clarendon Hills, IL 60514
Phone: 630.455.1453

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