Junior Conditioning Program

The Junior Conditioning Program uses the same philosophy as the Performance Enhancement Program but has two different packages for both small groups and individuals.

Package Number One consists of 16 sessions over an 8-week period (2x/week). The program is broken down into two phases -- 4 weeks each. The first phase is dedicated to re-teaching the athlete's neuromuscular system how to operate functionally and efficiently using a combination of flexibility training, balance training and strength training. The second phase is a general sports conditioning program which includes training from the first four weeks but puts more emphasis on speed, agility, power and strength.

Package Number Two adds on a third phase. The additional four weeks focus primarily on sport-specific performance enhancement. Once we have conditioned the young athlete to perform as efficient as possible with general sports movements, we focus on total power production, replicating the movements in the sport they are training for, concentrating on dynamic flexibility, dynamic balance, sports specific explosive power (Plyometric training) and speed strength.

Techniques used at Fitness Werks are proven protocols used to train athletes from adolescent and high school athletes up to Olympic and professional athletes. We have trained athletes who compete in baseball, football, tennis, track and field, lacrosse and cycling.

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