What Is Life Coaching

So often in life we see things about ourselves, as well as things in our lives, that we would like to change. For example, you may want to lose weight, feel better about your body, eat healthier, exercise more, have more energy, have a better relationship with yourself or others, stop a bad habit (like smoking or eating sweets), or even perform at the top of your game when it comes to your favorite sport. But so often the changes we try to make fall short of what we really want for ourselves. We either sabotage ourselves or we lose control of our habits, actions, and emotions – it seems we get in our own way when it comes to making a difference in our own lives.

The goal of The Conscious Shift Coaching Program is to help you create a shift in how you currently move towards your goals and desires (like weight loss and sports performance) by eliminating the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that seem to sabotage your progress.

Since coaching is a co-creative experience, we will work together to unlock the hidden sabotaging agendas you’ve been carrying around most of your life. We will help you gain a broader perspective as to how your current focus, thinking, beliefs and actions may actually be working against you.

By using a myriad of techniques, like EFT* (Emotional Freedom Techniques), we will work to dissolve the emotional connection to the things keeping you connected to the past so you can create a new future – a future full of NEW possibilities - possibilities created by you that inspire you.

*EFT is a natural "finger tapping" & thought altering method derived from the ancient healing technique of acupressure. 

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