?What is MAT
 MAT™ is a bodywork technique using a systematic checks & balances approach to identify and treat muscular imbalances that are often the cause of pain and tightness. MAT™ was founded on the principle that human movement and exercise are fundamental to human health and that a muscle’s ability to contract efficiently is important for normal movement. Any loss of muscle contraction efficiency may be demonstrated as a loss of motion and decreased physical performance, which may lead to pain and/or the loss of physical capabilities.
?What is MATRx
  MAT™Rx is a full body restoration version of the MAT™ process that is based how the nervous system is systematically wired relative to a hierarchy of movement patterns. By playing by the rules of the nervous system (following the appropriate order of the wiring) an MAT™Rx practitioner can elevate the thresholds of the muscles throughout the body to a higher degree than MAT alone often can. MAT™Rx is the evolution of the MAT™ that can increase stress thresholds higher than ever before with longer holding ability. MAT™Rx is possibly one of the most advanced biomechanical treatments in the world.
?How it Works
 MAT™ is a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to develop efficient muscle contraction(s) by first comparing left and right side range of motion, as the human body is designed to be symmetrical. If a movement is determined to be asymmetrical (i.e. one limb has a greater range of motion than then opposite limb) as determined by the Comparative Assessment of Mobility or CAM, then we know that one or more muscles that moves the less mobile limb is potentially weak. The muscles that are responsible for moving the limb further are then assessed by the MAT™ Specialist to determine if they have lost the ability to contract efficiently. When it has been determined through testing that a muscle has lost its ability to contract, then precise forces are applied to restore that muscle’s efficiency, re-activating that muscle. As muscles are restored to efficient contraction, MAT™ uses a system of accountability (checks and balances) to ensure that any increases in motion and symmetry are accompanied by improvements in a muscle’s contractile ability.
There are multiple ways of re-activating a muscle. One is using a hands-on manual stimulation where the muscles attach and the other is through very specific isometric exercises.  
?What Causes Muscle Weakness
 A multitude of factors such as trauma, stress, or overuse can contribute to muscle weakness. When you exercise, there is a period of exertion and then recovery. It is normal to feel fatigue. When there is trauma, stress or overuse, the muscle may not recover until properly rested. If this is habitual, (i.e. sitting at the computer for hours per day, over the course of many years) then the result can be muscle weakness. The central nervous system detects various forms of stress and as a defense mechanism, inhibits the ability of muscles to contract. When a particular set of muscles contract or shorten, the opposing or antagonist muscles lengthen. In contrast, the lengthening muscles may lose their ability to lengthen because the opposite muscles cannot contract. Your body produces a protection mechanism to keep the body from moving into a position of weakness or vulnerability. A sudden trauma to the body may also cause a muscle to become weakened, such as slipping on ice and moving into an extreme range of motion suddenly. Our goal is to eliminate this "tightness" by simply restoring your muscle’s ability to contract. In MAT™ we say, "Muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness." If you can correct the weakness, then most times you can eliminate the tightness.
Different Treatment Strategies
 Assessment/Consultation—Before anyone starts an exercise program here at Fitness Werks we take each client through a basic assessment using the MAT™ process and treat any imbalances that are present. Any information gained in this assessment is then factored into any exercise prescription/plan with one of the trainers certified in MAT™. For those interested to see if the MAT™ process is right for them (or even an option) we offer a half hour consultation to demonstrate and test the process before one makes a decision about how to proceed.

Spot Treatment—Using MAT™ we can evaluate any part of the body and treat locally in an attempt to improve their current condition. Because the body is so interconnected and one old injury can cause compensations throughout the whole body we usually evaluate the surrounding joints and muscles to ensure a greater chance the treatments hold. The more we treat, the greater the threshold.

Full/Partial Body Restoration—Using the MAT™Rx process we can restore up to 43 movement patterns in the body (over 270 different muscles) to raise your functional threshold to its highest level. It is also possible to treat just the hands or feet by themselves using the MAT™Rx process.