Metabolic Typing

The fuel you put in your body is a major factor in achieving your goals, be it fat reduction, sports performance, or overall health. You are what you eat. However, it is also important to realize that what you need to eat depends on who you are. We all know people who have had great success with various diets. Yet we also know others who have failed following the same diet plans. It is becoming increasingly apparent that people respond differently to the same food. One person’s nourishment may be another person’s poison. Everyone’s body is different (acid/alkaline, fast/slow oxidization, genetic/hormonal factors). Respecting these differences could be the key to reaching your goals.

In order to maximize your energy production (and thereby your biochemical and metabolic efficiency) you need to eat the right foods for your individual metabolic type. Fine tuning your protein/fat to carbohydrate ratios at each meal will assure that your food will be fully converted into energy by your cells.

What is Metabolic Typing?

Metabolic Typing is an innovative and holistic approach to nutrition that strives to determine each person’s unique nutritional requirements. Recognizing that the food you eat affects how your body functions is a very liberating experience. Knowing how your body responds to the foods you consume gives you the power to take control of your health.

How does Metabolic Typing work?

At the heart of Metabolic Typing is the concept that no single dietary program is right for everyone. Just as no two people are the same, a person’s nutritional needs are as unique as the individual.

You will begin by filling out an extensive questionnaire. Each of your answers gives a little glimpse into how your body metabolizes food. Collectively, these small glimpses paint a very complete picture of what your body needs to function at the highest level.

Once your individual type is determined you will receive a list of the most potent foods for you. You will sit down with your Metabolic Typing Advisor and institute an action plan. This plan is designed to “fine tune” your program even further to ensure your success.

What can I expect if I eat according to my metabolic type?

Since everyone’s starting points are different the results you will experience can vary. However, the following are common responses to following an individualized nutritional program.

Short Term

• Your food will be efficiently converted to energy rather than stored as fat.

• You will enjoy plenty of physical and mental energy following meals and snacks.

• You will feel full for 4 -5 hours after meals.

• Cravings for sweet and starchy foods will diminish.

• Digestive problems will subside.

• You will have sustained energy and endurance throughout the day.

• Your ability to concentrate will be significantly enhanced.

Long Term

• Natural weight loss, without dieting or restricting calories.

• Permanent weight loss, without struggle or deprivation.

• Improved immune function.

• Slowing of the aging process.

Proper eating need not be a struggle. Utilizing Metabolic Typing, a systematic and proven approach, can give you’re the power to take control of your health for a lifetime.

At Fitness Werks, we use a cutting edge process that was developed and refined over the last thirty years by William Wolcott. Once you have your functional Metabolic Type we can assist you in dialing in your nutrition program so you achieve your desired results quickly and efficiently.

Benefit to you: Once you are eating the foods your body requires, your body will be in better chemical balance. A body that is balanced is a body that works very efficiently. So when you are eating things right for your unique metabolic type, not only are you helping yourself get to your goals faster because your body is working more efficiently but you are also helping your body become healthier. And a healthier body craves less, feels more energetic, and has a better immune system. Other diets simply focus on things they think are good or bad for you, but the question you have to ask is: How do they know what is good or bad for me since I am completely different and unique?

Other factors that will aid in the progression of a healthier and leaner body include understanding the nutrients you are putting into your body. This goes beyond just a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. We are talking more about micronutrients Ð like vitamins and minerals. Also having an understanding as to how to manage stress, which can affect your metabolism, will be another big determining factor in achieving your desired goals.

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