Personalized Training and Program Design

Once all the assessment, health and medical history and goal information has been gathered, your program is ready to be designed! Variety and versatility in a workout is essential for continued progress. Each one-hour workout differs from the previous workout to avoid repetition. Our goal is to keep it interesting and fun, as well educational and goal-oriented. Programs are designed to meet your needs and capabilities and progressed according to accomplished levels of fitness. Variation is key!

Complete fitness analysis required prior to designing a client's program. Click link for more information on Assessments.


MAT -- Rehabilitative Support
Bridging the gap between fitness and rehabilitation, Muscle Activation Techniques is a checks-and-balances system designed to identify and treat the causes of chronic pain and injury. Offering the expertise to provide for a special-need: a medical condition, physical characteristic (age or gender) Click link for more information on MAT.


One-Hour Training--Personal Fitness Enhancement
To meet your specific goals, whether they be muscular strength, endurance, toning and firming, cardiovascular conditioning, bone density enhancement, sports specific training, post rehab or just general health and wellness, every session is designed on three main ingredients.

Your specific needs = basic health and mechanical.
Your individual goals = short-term and long-term goals based on what you want rather on what you don't want.
Your preferences = choosing exercises and activities you enjoy will help in achieving goals faster. Exercise shouldn't be limited to only weights and cardio machines.


Integrated Functional Training
IFT is the concept of performing exercises that transfer over to real-life functions or improve one's tolerance or performance of work, daily life or sports. IFT can include "corrective" exercises that are designed around flexibility, posture, spinal stability, core strength and balance to "re-educate" muscles. (Moved some of this around, added a few things and changed punctuation.)


Health & Wellness Consulting
Services are available for corporate cultures and organizations, as well as individual participants on a consultation basis. We'll evaluate your present program and offer lifestyle recommendations, design and implement tailored fitness and wellness programs. Initial consultation is complimentary.


Nutrition & Body Composition
Personalized weight goal and management programs utilizing specialized software programs and equipment that tests RMR (resting metabolic rate) to accurately measure caloric intake and expenditure.
Click link for more information on Nutrition.


General Health Enhancement
Advancement and overall maintenance of oneÕs health is vital for living a long and healthy life. Because we have so many things in life that work against the maintenance and the natural workings of the human body (shoes, cars, TV, computers, etc.), it becomes important to do things to continue keeping the body balances and active. MAT is an amazing tool to help keep the body balanced and de-stressed. Doing variations of resistance exercise is a great way to keep minor loads going into the joints and muscles to keep the system adaptive to lifeÕs physical demands. Small amounts of cardiovascular activity based on your heart rates ability and over all health are great ways to keep your heart and lungs strong and capable of handling short bursts of increased stress that is needed in day-to-day life. All of these activities are all specific to the individual and knowing where to start and how to adapt over time is essential to getting the most of your time and energy.


Partner Programs
While one-to-one training is the foundation at Fitness Werks, we also tailor programs to include partners.


Athletic Performance Enhancement Program
For adult & youth--sports-related activities that requires a specialized program for strength & endurance. Click link for more information on Athletic Performance Enhancement Program.


Junior Conditioning Program
Proven protocols used to help train adolescent and high school athletes in baseball, football, tennis, track/field, lacrosse and cycling. Click link for more information on Junior Conditioning Program.


Life Coaching
So often our past becomes the only plan we have for creating our future goals but if things in the past haven’t worked out the way we would like then changing your “blueprint” is necessary for long-term success in the future. In a co-creative environment, Life Coaching is aimed at helping you remove the emotional and mental blocks keeping you from achieving results. Click link for more information on Life Coaching.


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