Where Training Starts 
Most of our clients come to us to change their body in some way. Whether it is to change their physique, get better at a sport or a task, heal from an injury, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, everyone starts with an MAT assessment so we can identify how your nervous system gathers information from your joints and muscles and how it recruits muscle. This allows us to understand your physiological tolerances, what needs to be worked on specifically and any limitations you might have that could affect the intended positive effects of exercise, which is supposed to be stressful! Think about it....in order to create change we have to implement a stress that causes your body to adapt in a way that you want and that your body can tolerate appropriately. Not all stress is created equal just as not all people can tolerate the same stress stimulus the same way. If we don't know what your body is dealing with, how could we know what your body needed? It’s like medicine, you need the right kind and the right dosage to get the right response.

The wrong kind of stress can cause your body to respond negatively (distress) and negate the positive intended effects exercise is supposed to produce. Question is, do we need to take negative away before we add positive stress (eustress)?
Other Assessments
Since there is about a 93% failure rate when it comes to long-term success relating to accomplishing health and fitness goals, we feel the more we know the better! After we've done an MAT assessment, we look at a few other things to determine how to proceed from a physical standpoint:
  • Your functional movements—how your body puts movements together and functions within an exercise. This allows us to see what your body can and can’t do in regard to exercise along with figuring out the proper exercises and speed of movements (cadence of an exercise). This allows us to give the proper resistance stimulus so your body responds positively as the wrong exercise and the wrong cadence can send the wrong signals to your body.
  • Your cardiovascular thresholds—how your heart tolerates stress and how well your heart rate recovers from stress. This allows us to devise a very specific cardiovascular program designed around your current cardiovascular function and ability so we are stimulating the proper signals to tell your body to improve heart and lung health along with creating a reason for the body to want to be leaner (not all cardio does both of these).
  • Your mental approach—how you approach your body, health and exercise. This allows us to see if you have any thought processes that are causing your body to be in a state of stress that might very well be telling your body that is unsafe to lose weight. We can no longer separate the body and the mind—it’s a self-contained system where everything effects everything else. This is often done with the Client Profile Process (see below).
Client Profile Process
The Client Profile Process (CPP) consists of a two-part questionnaire that allows us to see how you approach your goals, what your beliefs are about exercise and nutrition, what you are currently doing and not doing as well as how you feel about your body and what may be standing in your way of getting to your goals. This questionnaire helps us to figure out what percentages of each area (physical, chemical and mental) you need (and are willing) to work and what your preferences are (doing things you don’t like will have more negative implications than positive ones). This questionnaire is given to you after your first session (which is the MAT assessment) and is completed and returned to us before your functional assessment session. This information is then evaluated by the trainer you will be working with and they will then go over your very specific program breakdown during that functional assessment session or your next visit, where more tweaking of how things are going to break down work. This program will set the tone for your homework plans as well as set the grounds for our accountability schedule. Of course, taking this a step further with wellness coaching can take this mental process to a whole new level and help to remove mental blocks and sabotaging behaviors. 
Nutrition Strategies
Since every body has a unique chemical make-up and different microbiome environment (gut health) we have various outside resources to help you get into the right eating plan. What we can do to start you off right away are some eating strategies that will help your body get into a better energy balance. Most of what we personally recommend are tried and true strategies that help gear people to a healthy approach to food intake. Taking the next step and meeting with one of our outside consultants will take what we help you acheive to the next level!